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This stack is FULLY CUSTOM, just for you babe! Three bracelets curated exactly as you wish! Unlimited heishi/REAL 18K gold-plated beads in each.

Please describe IN DETAIL how you'd like each of your three bracelets!


  • What color heishi beads or if you'd like the 3mm gold beads
  • If you'd like a word/name: include that AND what letter beads you'd like (white beads with either black or gold font OR black beads with gold font)
  • If you'd like one of our bracelets such as the 'ANNIKA' or 'CHANDA', please state that along with heishi color of choice beads (i.e. the Annika in cloud). 
  • We have TONS of examples on our Insta - make sure you peep that!

SIZING: 6.75" is our standard size which fits MOST wrists. Please measure your wrist and indicate what size you’d like based on your sizing/fit preference.